How to Deal with New TSA Procedure!

Reason magazine via the Boston Herald are reporting on a new Israeli style program initiated by the TSA to identify possible threat by a series of questions.

We here at the #rationalinterest want you, the freedom loving traveler, to be prepared for these new techniques. What follows is a mock question and answer dialouge between a TSA agent and a traveler.

Question 1

TSA: Where have you been?

Appropriate response 1: None of your business!

Appropriate response 2: Your mom’s house…

Question 2

TSA: Do you have a business card?

Appropriate response 1: Not for you I don’t.

Appropriate response 2: I gave the last one to your mom…so she could call me…for some relations.

Question 3

TSA: Where are you traveling?

Appropriate response 1: Again, none your business.

Appropriate response 2: Back to your mom’s house.

As you can see, your best bet is either to be dismissive of their questions or rudely sarcastic. Happy trails!

Disclaimer: Travelers should in no way say the things listed in this post as these responses will almost certainly get you beaten at best and thrown in Gitmo at worst.


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