The Government Is Now Following You…

Today Fox News is reporting a new initiative by the Obama Administration to crack down on “extremism” on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. At the #rationalinterest we want to help our readers (both of you) stay out of trouble. With that in mind the following are a few examples of what NOT to post on Facebook and Twitter.

1. Tired…worked in the basement all day. #imuptosomething

2. John Smith changed his name to Mohammed al-John bin Smithiri

3. Busy day running errands. Wiring…check. Fertilizer…check.

4. Anyone know where I can get a lot of prepaid cellphones? #noreason

5. Off to my secret meeting. #johnbirchsociety #sonsofliberty #teaparty

6. Yeah, I am Anonymous! Oh shit, wasn’t supposed to mention that…

7. Hey guys, did you check out Wikileaks today? #mygovernmentsucks

8. John Smith likes al-Qaeda.

9. HA TSA! Beat you! #youdidntlookupmyass

10. Yay…we raised the debt ceiling again! #obummerismypresident

Avoiding posting these things and other like them should help you avoid being monitored by the wondering eye of the government. Then again, they might monitor you anyway because they do that. Stay safe liberty lovers.


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