Too Legit To Quit

With the Ames straw Poll in the books, the voters in this country (who don’t plan on voting for Obama) have some decisions to make.

From actual straw poll results, and opinion polls, it’s clear the Republican race has four potential contenders: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Ron Paul. Anyone who has read my previous entries (even the silly one’s) know I am a Ron Paul supporter.

However, in the wake of the Ames Straw Poll, it’s clear the media has no love for Congressman Paul despite a strong second place finish, a win at RLC 2011 in New Orleans, and another win at CPAC 2011.

Apparently, legitimacy, thy name is not Ron Paul.

While the media may ask, “Who is Ron Paul?” (…and not in a snarky Ayn Rand sort of way), the average conservative/tea party voter seems to say, “I like Ron Paul, but…”

That but is all to often a concern over foreign policy.

If only the good doctor known and admired for his consistency would sell out to the “national security conservatives” and say he would like to blow up some more of the Middle East too.

As an aside, what is a “national security conservative”? And if they are a continuance of the Bush Doctrine, then what is a “national security liberal”? Also, wouldn’t Obama then be a national security conservative? Lastly, does the Republican Party really want all Americans thinking they are getting fingered and groped by the TSA in the name of conservatism?

Getting back on topic, Sean Hannity, on his radio program, claimed he agrees with Ron Paul on everything except national defense. This shows how far Ron’s message has come, and how far it still has to go.

Ask yourself this Mr/Ms Republican voter, is having a candidate with the correct diagnosis and cure for our economic ills worth passing up simply because he doesn’t want to start a war with Iran or continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is pulling our troops our of Korea, Japan, and Germany such an awful prospect?

If it is, then how can you claim to be a fiscal conservative?

Let’s never mind Israel has a working missile defense system, Iran has a protest movement, and we’re broke. We can’t keep spending ourselves into oblivion over the rantings of a short little Iranian who is disliked by his own people.

If you agree with Ron Paul on economic issues, then support him. This election is going to be about the economy, not when we should bomb Iran. Do yourselves a favor and vote for Ron, and if you continue to be dissatisfied with our foreign policy then by all means cry your eyes out at the job which you will have and dry your eyes on money in your wallet which is redeemable in gold.


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