Moving On…

It’s been a rough week for Herman Cain. I know you must be thinking about the myriad of stories about allegations of sexual harassment while he was CEO of the National Restaurant Association, but,  in fact, the week started off badly when Cain was on PBS.

His mistake? He said in an interview that China was trying to develop nuclear weapons and more aircraft carriers and were there for a military threat. That would be fine except that China has had nuclear weapons since the 1960’s. Whoops.

Then there was the sexual harassment story. Politico initially broke the story on Halloween with more twists and turns following on a daily if not hourly basis. First the campaign denied the allegations, then the remembered them but couldn’t remember anything about a settlement. Then they remembered the settlement. Then they pointed the finger at Rick Perry, etc. The whole saga is frankly exhausting to keep track off. The truth of the matter is there were complaints and the women in question received settlements from the NRA. One settlement was reportedly dated 9/99.

Cain has stated that the release of this story is an attempt to undermine his campaign. He said the same thing about Ron Paul supporters asking him about the Fed. Oh, and he said the same thing about economists or whomever criticizing his 9-9-9 tax plan. Funny enough, one accuser said there was a pattern to Cain’s inappropriate behavior towards her.

So let’s be honest and frank. Herman Cain is not in any way qualified to be the GOP nominee. If the China gaffe  and sexual harassment saga aren’t enough to convince you, how about his ignorance of the Palestinian Right of Return? Still not enough? How about analysis that states the 9-9-9 tax plan would raise taxes on 84% of Americans?

Cain has shown a dangerous combination of arrogance mixed with ignorance. If Barrack Obama was not qualified to be President as a Senator with a few years in office, then Herman Cain is certainly not qualified having never held elective office.

I know America is tired of career politicians being. I get it. But turning to a man who doesn’t know about the issues America faces and who may be an awful human being is not the answer. His folksy quips and debate shenanigans are all smoke and mirrors meant to hide the fact that Cain has no clue what he is doing. This makes him dangerous.

Do yourself a favor America and forget about Herman Cain. Sure, he has been fun to watch, but it’s time to quit messing around and get serious about nominating a candidate who knows the issues and has serious solutions to our problems. We can’t afford to elect an arrogant and ignorant man with a shady past to replace our arrogant and ignorant President with a shady past.


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