We Fucked Up…Again.

“Do over, we want a do over!”

Kids on every playground anywhere shout that everyday.

How often is it, when we get a do over, that we fuck up our second chance too.

In 2008, Ron Paul was booed and jeered by the national media, voters, and even his own party, the GOP.

Starting in 2009, every network had Ron plastered all over the airwaves. He was our new “it boy.” He was suddenly the cool kid. Why? Because everything he said about our economy came true. He predicted our housing crisis in 2003 for crying out loud.

Fast forward to late 2010 and early 2011. That when the question’s started.

“Are you going to run for President again?”

Ron would always cryptically answer.

There was so much excitement in the liberty movement mixed with some anxiety. Is he too old? Has his base grown enough, etc?

No sooner had Ron announced his candidacy for President for the third time, the same media that welcomed his opinions when there was no election, suddenly forgot he existed. Mitt Romney was the new anointed one. He was our packaged Ken doll waiting to kick that evil socialist out of the White House.

Ron has all but quit his quest for the White House and the sun is setting all together on his political career. Ron will certainly have his compliment of delegates in Tampa bay this August. Maybe he gets a speaking role. Maybe he gets to influence the GOP platform. Who knows? His base needs to be appeased. Then again, his base, me among them, isn’t known for a willingness to compromise our values.

Regardless of the outcome, we fucked up…again. After 2008, after everything Ron said would happen came true, we shouted “Do over!”

We got our do over, and when Ron Paul, at 76, once again submitted himself for our collective approval more of us cheered this time, but the rest of the GOP once again turned their noses up at him.

They claimed  to want a strong economy, and someone who would follow the Constitutional, while, in the same breath, attacking Paul’s positions on foreign policy or his calling his spending cuts too extreme.

We all deserve to have Mitt Romney as our President. I didn’t think America needed another President like the last two we’ve had, but apparently we always just want something other than what we have.

So cheers to you GOP, you’ve fucked up…again.

And cheers to all those in the liberty movement…we know how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.


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