The Cynic’s Case for Obama

I want to state first and foremost that I am a libertarian, and the case I am about to lay out for Obama should not be construed as approval for anything he has done or will do. 

With that said, we, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, should all vote for him. 

Why, you ask?

First, throughout my life, and for most of the 20th Century into the 21st, each new President has been worse than his predecessor. In my life, George H.W. Bush was worse than Reagan. Clinton was worse than Bush. George W. Bush was worse than Clinton. Now, Obama is worse than Bush. Considering, when I was born in 1983, the bar was already set pretty low, this trend means every new President almost automatically becomes the worst President ever. It stands to reason then, that if elected, Mitt Romney would be worse than Obama and the new “Worst President Ever.” Let’s stick with the devil we know. 

Next, we all know our house of cards is already beginning to tumble down. A Romney Presidency isn’t going to stop it from collapsing completely. However, since Romney likes to pay lip service to the free market, any stagnation, recession, or depression occurring during his term would immediately be blamed on capitalism. Obama blamed it, and FDR did the same thing. The next left wing ideologue to run for President should not be able to peg Romney’s inevitable interventions and corporatism on capitalism. Obama is far from a capitalist. Whatever happens in the next four years needs to be squarely placed on the shoulders of his failed ideologies. 

Third, the President’s party historically loses seats during mid-term elections. The liberty movement is gaining a foothold in the Republican Party and risking those member’s seats because of the failures of the Romney Administration makes no sense. Conversely, a second Obama term would likely see even more liberty Republicans retain their seats or get elected. Principled conservatives and libertarians controlling both the House and Senate is the best way to thwart Obama’s left wing agenda. 

Lastly, I want to see Rand Paul run for President. If Mitt Romney wins, he will obviously run for re-election. Whether he would win again in 2016 is unknown, but it is a political faux pas to challenge the incumbent from your own party. Assuming he did win, it’s unlikely the Republican nominee in 2020 would stand much of a chance. In sum, a Romney victory could delay a Rand Paul or other consistent principled leader from running/winning until as late as 2028.America cannot wait that long. 

Gary Johnson asked us to be libertarian for one election. I’m asking that you by cynical for one election so we can be libertarian for several elections in the future. 


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