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We Fucked Up…Again.

“Do over, we want a do over!”

Kids on every playground anywhere shout that everyday.

How often is it, when we get a do over, that we fuck up our second chance too.

In 2008, Ron Paul was booed and jeered by the national media, voters, and even his own party, the GOP.

Starting in 2009, every network had Ron plastered all over the airwaves. He was our new “it boy.” He was suddenly the cool kid. Why? Because everything he said about our economy came true. He predicted our housing crisis in 2003 for crying out loud.

Fast forward to late 2010 and early 2011. That when the question’s started.

“Are you going to run for President again?”

Ron would always cryptically answer.

There was so much excitement in the liberty movement mixed with some anxiety. Is he too old? Has his base grown enough, etc?

No sooner had Ron announced his candidacy for President for the third time, the same media that welcomed his opinions when there was no election, suddenly forgot he existed. Mitt Romney was the new anointed one. He was our packaged Ken doll waiting to kick that evil socialist out of the White House.

Ron has all but quit his quest for the White House and the sun is setting all together on his political career. Ron will certainly have his compliment of delegates in Tampa bay this August. Maybe he gets a speaking role. Maybe he gets to influence the GOP platform. Who knows? His base needs to be appeased. Then again, his base, me among them, isn’t known for a willingness to compromise our values.

Regardless of the outcome, we fucked up…again. After 2008, after everything Ron said would happen came true, we shouted “Do over!”

We got our do over, and when Ron Paul, at 76, once again submitted himself for our collective approval more of us cheered this time, but the rest of the GOP once again turned their noses up at him.

They claimed  to want a strong economy, and someone who would follow the Constitutional, while, in the same breath, attacking Paul’s positions on foreign policy or his calling his spending cuts too extreme.

We all deserve to have Mitt Romney as our President. I didn’t think America needed another President like the last two we’ve had, but apparently we always just want something other than what we have.

So cheers to you GOP, you’ve fucked up…again.

And cheers to all those in the liberty movement…we know how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go.


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Where do we even start when talking about our Warmonger in Chief. I mean, the man makes Bush II look like a peacenik; no easy feat.

As we celebrate our veterans, I ask, what is the best way to honor them?

I think the best we can do for our military is use it wisely. That means no undeclared wars, no muddy rules of engagement, you win and come home.

The last 10 years have been anything but that.

Today, Obama declared, “Our Troops are coming home.”

What an egregious lie to our military families on their day. Two recent articles shine some light on his deceit.

First of all, remember all those troops leaving Iraq at the end of the year? They aren’t leaving because the Obama Administration wants them home. They are leaving because the Obama and his cronies couldn’t work out a deal to keep them there longer. Again, those troops aren’t coming home. Several reports show they are being moved to Kuwait. So much for coming home.

Secondly, the Obama machine is working a deal to send more forces to Australia. Yes, you read that right. We are sending more troops to the Land Down Under.

I would be remiss not to mention the Drone War the Obama Administration has waged in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia so far. Recent strikes in Yemen claimed the life of suspected terrorist and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki. A separate attack killed his 16 year old son and several friends. No evidence has been given as to why the son was a military target.

The problem with debating the Drone War is most American’s are unsympathetic to “terrorists” being done in. However, whereas groups like the Tea Party question the government on fiscal matters, there is no consistent dissent against the Obama foreign policy.

Obama’s affront to Veterans doesn’t stop at his false promises to bring them home. As part of deficit reduction proposal, he proposed raising insurance co-pays for veterans. Thankfully Congressman Ron Paul, an Air Force Veteran, issued a letter to the President calling the proposal “unjust and immoral.”

The facts are clear. Obama is no friend to the military. He like his predecessors view our troops as expendable pawns. We pay lip service to the sacrifices they make, but we don’t do simple things like bring them home to their families when we have the chance. America has not declared war since World War II. We still have troops in Germany and Japan. Are they fighting and sacrificing for freedom? No, they are sacrificing their families and for what?

I for one would like to honor our Veterans by bringing them home from everywhere. America can and should emulate countries like Switzerland. We can be a global player without an empire. However, we will never accomplish that without ridding ourselves of the Bush Doctrine and it’s adherents like Obama and every Republican running for President sans Ron Paul.

Perhaps, the best gift we could give our military families and ourselves would be a President who wants our troops home, who has a solid plan to boost the economy, and who won’t treat our responsibilities to veterans as a budget line.

Elect Ron Paul.

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Herman Cain 2: Poor Judgement Day

How can a man be the right choice for the GOP nomination when he is wrong about so much?

If we look all the way back in 2008, we can read how Herman Cain praised TARP and went so far as to call detractors “free market purists” whose problem was “economic illiteracy.”

Cain’s column makes him seem comfortable with government ownership of private business so long as it is a small stake and short term.

In Tuesdays debate, Cain missed an opportunity to recant his position on TARP. Instead, he lamented the way TARP was administered. These positions indicate a man who is comfortable with Big Government if he feels the situation warrants it.

Next, let’s briefly revisit the 9-9-9 plan.

Cain has put up a whole section on 9-9-9 on his website.

Cain continues to claim that the 9% consumption tax in conjunction with the 9% income tax removes embedded taxes in the price of all goods. Again, there is no evidence that this would be true. Collecting the 9% income tax would likely still fall on employers and thus generate compliance costs which will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher prices.

Next, and perhaps most inexcusable, is the lack of foreign policy chops.

Herman talks a lot about friends and enemies. He has openly espoused war with Iran over threats to Israel, which has been the most substantive statement he has made on the subject. His website section on National Security reads like the Greatest Hits of Bill Kristol and the Neo-Conservatives. Ironically, Cain claimed to not be familiar with neo-conservatism.

Lastly, Cain has been surprisingly disrespectful to Congressman, and fellow candidate , Ron Paul.

In last week’s debate, Cain lied to Paul’s face about his stance on the Fed.

This week a snippet from Cain’s new book emerged where Cain rails against Paul supporters for constantly asking him “stupid” questions about the Fed. Cain goes on to say Paul is the candidate he is least worried about.

And just today, Cain went on Piers Morgan and declared that he didn’t think Ron Paul would be a good President.

Funny enough Cain declared at the 2010 SRLC Conference that liberals, “shift the subject, ignore the facts, and name call.” So far  Herman Cain has shifted focus away from his time at the Federal Reserve, ignored the structural defects their policies put into the economy, and name called those who have questioned him on the subject. Does this make Herman Cain a liberal?

Finally, Herman Cain’s rhetoric and demeanor show an arrogant and confrontational man who is not suitable to represent the GOP or the United States. CEO experience is the exact opposite of what we need in a President. President’s have a Constitutionally limited role, whereas CEO’s are used to commanding others to do what they want.

Herman Cain has shown poor judgement far too often to be taken seriously. He doesn’t understand the market, his own tax plan, or Constitutional foreign policy. Furthermore, he thinks the most consistent and principled candidate in the race is the least suited to be President. Clearly, America deserves better than arrogance laced with ignorance. We deserve better than Herman Cain.


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Too Legit To Quit

With the Ames straw Poll in the books, the voters in this country (who don’t plan on voting for Obama) have some decisions to make.

From actual straw poll results, and opinion polls, it’s clear the Republican race has four potential contenders: Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Michelle Bachmann, and Ron Paul. Anyone who has read my previous entries (even the silly one’s) know I am a Ron Paul supporter.

However, in the wake of the Ames Straw Poll, it’s clear the media has no love for Congressman Paul despite a strong second place finish, a win at RLC 2011 in New Orleans, and another win at CPAC 2011.

Apparently, legitimacy, thy name is not Ron Paul.

While the media may ask, “Who is Ron Paul?” (…and not in a snarky Ayn Rand sort of way), the average conservative/tea party voter seems to say, “I like Ron Paul, but…”

That but is all to often a concern over foreign policy.

If only the good doctor known and admired for his consistency would sell out to the “national security conservatives” and say he would like to blow up some more of the Middle East too.

As an aside, what is a “national security conservative”? And if they are a continuance of the Bush Doctrine, then what is a “national security liberal”? Also, wouldn’t Obama then be a national security conservative? Lastly, does the Republican Party really want all Americans thinking they are getting fingered and groped by the TSA in the name of conservatism?

Getting back on topic, Sean Hannity, on his radio program, claimed he agrees with Ron Paul on everything except national defense. This shows how far Ron’s message has come, and how far it still has to go.

Ask yourself this Mr/Ms Republican voter, is having a candidate with the correct diagnosis and cure for our economic ills worth passing up simply because he doesn’t want to start a war with Iran or continue the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? Is pulling our troops our of Korea, Japan, and Germany such an awful prospect?

If it is, then how can you claim to be a fiscal conservative?

Let’s never mind Israel has a working missile defense system, Iran has a protest movement, and we’re broke. We can’t keep spending ourselves into oblivion over the rantings of a short little Iranian who is disliked by his own people.

If you agree with Ron Paul on economic issues, then support him. This election is going to be about the economy, not when we should bomb Iran. Do yourselves a favor and vote for Ron, and if you continue to be dissatisfied with our foreign policy then by all means cry your eyes out at the job which you will have and dry your eyes on money in your wallet which is redeemable in gold.

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