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The Best Case Scenario

Cheer up, Republicans. It not all bad tonight. 

In fact, there is a silver lining to tonight’s elections. 

1) Republican’s kept the House. They have the power of the purse and can stymie the worst of the Obama agenda. Sure, Obama will blame them and in all likelihood he will circumvent Congress every chance he gets. Given this, the direction of the country is entirely in Obama’s hands and when he fails, the Democrats will have reaped what they have sown, so to speak. 

2) Count on midterm gains. The President’s party historically loses seats in midterm elections. Play the game right, and you will increase your seats in 2014. 

3) Romney sucked. Let’s face it, he was not Reagan reincarnate. Romney’s plans didn’t differ substantively from Obama’s. You didn’t want the next green energy companies to fail to be the recipients of Romney loans. You didn’t want continued high unemployment to be the fault of capitalism, etc. Whatever happens in the next four years needs to be Obama’s fault. 

So cheer up, Red team. Do a little soul searching, embrace your libertarian wing, and try again in 2016 with someone better. 


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