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The Best Case Scenario

Cheer up, Republicans. It not all bad tonight. 

In fact, there is a silver lining to tonight’s elections. 

1) Republican’s kept the House. They have the power of the purse and can stymie the worst of the Obama agenda. Sure, Obama will blame them and in all likelihood he will circumvent Congress every chance he gets. Given this, the direction of the country is entirely in Obama’s hands and when he fails, the Democrats will have reaped what they have sown, so to speak. 

2) Count on midterm gains. The President’s party historically loses seats in midterm elections. Play the game right, and you will increase your seats in 2014. 

3) Romney sucked. Let’s face it, he was not Reagan reincarnate. Romney’s plans didn’t differ substantively from Obama’s. You didn’t want the next green energy companies to fail to be the recipients of Romney loans. You didn’t want continued high unemployment to be the fault of capitalism, etc. Whatever happens in the next four years needs to be Obama’s fault. 

So cheer up, Red team. Do a little soul searching, embrace your libertarian wing, and try again in 2016 with someone better. 


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Where do we even start when talking about our Warmonger in Chief. I mean, the man makes Bush II look like a peacenik; no easy feat.

As we celebrate our veterans, I ask, what is the best way to honor them?

I think the best we can do for our military is use it wisely. That means no undeclared wars, no muddy rules of engagement, you win and come home.

The last 10 years have been anything but that.

Today, Obama declared, “Our Troops are coming home.”

What an egregious lie to our military families on their day. Two recent articles shine some light on his deceit.

First of all, remember all those troops leaving Iraq at the end of the year? They aren’t leaving because the Obama Administration wants them home. They are leaving because the Obama and his cronies couldn’t work out a deal to keep them there longer. Again, those troops aren’t coming home. Several reports show they are being moved to Kuwait. So much for coming home.

Secondly, the Obama machine is working a deal to send more forces to Australia. Yes, you read that right. We are sending more troops to the Land Down Under.

I would be remiss not to mention the Drone War the Obama Administration has waged in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia so far. Recent strikes in Yemen claimed the life of suspected terrorist and American citizen Anwar al-Awlaki. A separate attack killed his 16 year old son and several friends. No evidence has been given as to why the son was a military target.

The problem with debating the Drone War is most American’s are unsympathetic to “terrorists” being done in. However, whereas groups like the Tea Party question the government on fiscal matters, there is no consistent dissent against the Obama foreign policy.

Obama’s affront to Veterans doesn’t stop at his false promises to bring them home. As part of deficit reduction proposal, he proposed raising insurance co-pays for veterans. Thankfully Congressman Ron Paul, an Air Force Veteran, issued a letter to the President calling the proposal “unjust and immoral.”

The facts are clear. Obama is no friend to the military. He like his predecessors view our troops as expendable pawns. We pay lip service to the sacrifices they make, but we don’t do simple things like bring them home to their families when we have the chance. America has not declared war since World War II. We still have troops in Germany and Japan. Are they fighting and sacrificing for freedom? No, they are sacrificing their families and for what?

I for one would like to honor our Veterans by bringing them home from everywhere. America can and should emulate countries like Switzerland. We can be a global player without an empire. However, we will never accomplish that without ridding ourselves of the Bush Doctrine and it’s adherents like Obama and every Republican running for President sans Ron Paul.

Perhaps, the best gift we could give our military families and ourselves would be a President who wants our troops home, who has a solid plan to boost the economy, and who won’t treat our responsibilities to veterans as a budget line.

Elect Ron Paul.

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